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School Programs

At Ascend we consider ourselves to be an extension of the educational experiences that students go through in their schools or at home. For that, we created different programs and experiences that help educators achieve the goals they set for their students while allowing them to enjoy an out-of-the-classroom environment.
Ascend School Programs are: 

  • designed by youth development specialists and educators

  • developmentally appropriate

  • inline with State’s educational standards

Program Design Services

At Ascend, we design your program to meet the specific needs of your school. To help us better understand your needs please take a minute to fill out this Program Design Survey. This will better enable us to provide you with that meets your needs and that exceeds your expectations.

Day Trips

Offered yearlong, our Day Trip program for schools runs from 8-5pm. A standard program is up to six hours. Starting at just $20 per person, all packages include both morning and afternoon activities for students. Trips must be booked in advance with a minimum of 20 participants.  Click here for more details!

Overnight Camps

Extend your stay at Ascend overnight. Enjoy several days of fun and bonding experiences that will create lifelong memories. 

Stay tuned for more details!

Athletic Programs

Ascend is the ideal destination for athletic programs. Not only do we have one of the widest variety of programs and activities, (More details coming soon)


Life Science Programs

Coming Soon!


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