Scouting Programs

Here are some reasons Ascend is becoming a preferred destination for boy and girl scouts troops: 

Earn Merit Badges

The Ascend Experience facilitates numerous opportunities for scouts to meet merit badge requirements. Ascend’s wooded areas  and trails serve as home to local wildlife, giving scouts the ability to earn badges related to hiking, forestry and animal studies. 

Other badges that can be earned at Ascend include camping, nature, bird study, insect study, fire safety, wilderness survival, painting, pottery, photography, sustainability, woodwork, emergency preparedness, archery swimming, horsemanshipand many more! 

Lodging Options


Tent camping or cabin camping, Ascend has both options for your scouts. Pitch your tents in one of the several designated areas and enjoy a true-camping experience. If you prefer to spend the night in a climate-controlled, self-contained, clean and cozy cabin, we have that too! Ascend gives you the options you need to customize your experience to meet the specific needs of your campers. 

Safety & Proximity


Ascend is surrounded by high-end neighborhoods. It has one gated entry point that is closed at sunset (or at a time of guests’ choice). All cabins can be securely locked from the inside.  Ascend’s code of conduct prohibits the use of alcohol, drugs, profanity, or any shape or form of violence, or bullying. Individuals or groups that violate Ascend’s code of conduct will be be asked to leave the property immediately.  

Located in the heart of the DFW metroplex, Ascend has a very unique combination of having the advantages of being in the city while feeling that you are immersed in nature.    

Family Feel

Ascend is not just a location. It’s a backdrop of amazing, life-transforming events that people experience. We treat our guests as our own family. Whether we are serving them food, offering them a horseback ride, or cleaning their cabins, our guests have been consistently giving us the very same feedback: ‘We feel like we are at home!” It’s what we call ‘The Ascend Factor’! It’s what makes Ascend so unique, and special! 

So, what are you waiting for? Start your 'Ascend Experience' NOW!

At Ascend, we can help your group design a program that meets the specific needs of your program. To help us better understand your needs please take a minute to fill out this Program Design Survey. This will better enable us to provide you with the experience that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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