Welcome to NTIC Strategic Planning Retreat

NTIC members had a meeting on Sunday 8/5/2018 to discuss ways and means in which NTIC can be revived to play the role it is positioned to play within the Muslim community.

The conclusion of the meeting was that in order for NTIC to play its role it needs to be reinvented as an institution.
In order for this to happen we need to have a retreat that brings representative of all Islamic Organizations to spend a day discussing change and make it happen.

The retreat will:

1- Start Saturday 9/29 at 6:00 pm and conclude on 9/30 at 7 pm.

2- Will have representative of each Organization preferably representation from organizations’ board, a member of youth and women’s committees, an admin and an Imam.

3- Will be facilitated by Omran Zbeida, PMP, BSP, KPIR.

4- Revisit of NTIC’s scope, mission and vision statement, and create an initial action plan. To register click here

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