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 Welcome to Ascend Horsemanship Program! 

Tucked in an inconspicuous corner of Dallas, Texas, Ascend Camp and Retreat Center is a hidden gem, offering miles of rugged and beautiful trails, rare to the suburbs of one of America’s largest metroplexes, waiting to be explored and enjoyed from the back of a horse!
Horses are perhaps some of the most majestic and beautiful creatures on earth! Someone once said that the outside of the horse is good for the inside of man and here at Ascend Camp and Retreat Center we believe this to be true. It’s our pride and pleasure to introduce you to horses for the first time or help continue your own horsemanship journey.
Horses certainly provide an abundance of pleasure and therapy from the stresses and rigors of every day life, but they offer valuable educational opportunities as well. Interacting with horses fosters and develops innumerable character and life skills such as critical thinking, safe judgement, dependability, accountability, goal setting, self-assurance, self-confidence, enjoyment, consideration, respect, trust, partnership, relating and communicating and so much more! 
Engaging with horses and learning from horses in a safe manner is very important to us, a conviction you’ll see expressed in everything we do with horses at Ascend Camp and Retreat Center. We look forward to providing you an experience that is inspirational, recreational and educational. 

Horsemanship Lessons

Ascend Camp and Retreat Center’s riding program is supervised and taught by well trained, qualified instructors who put safety as priority one. Learning horsemanship in a safe manner is very important to us, a conviction you will see expressed in everything we do with horses at Ascend:
  • Experienced professional staff
  • Exceptional well-mannered horses
  • Ascend Horsemanship follows CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) Certification
  • Riders are encouraged to grow in horsemanship skills and their interpersonal relationships
  • Riders learn the importance of safety and control 


PROPER ATTIRE IS REQUIRED. Each rider is required to wear long pants, boots with a 1″ heel and riding helmet (Ascend will provide the use of an SEI approved helmet; at their own discretion, 18+ can opt not to wear a helmet). NO open toed or open heeled shoes will be allowed. 
CANCELLATION POLICY – If you are unable to attend your regularly scheduled lesson, Ascend Camp and Retreat Center is not required to offer a make-up lesson. In case of inclement weather, one of the Ascend Horsemanship staff will call and let you know if lessons are canceled. We will offer one make-up lesson due to weather.  


For ages 9 and up (and we do mean up…it is never too late to learn how to ride). We encourage teens and adults to inquire about riding lessons at Ascend Camp and Retreat Center. During each lesson, you will enjoy interacting with other horse lovers, forming friendships, progressing in your skills together, all while learning how our horses interact with one another in a group setting. Riders will work at their own individual pace, growing and building upon acquired skills as they complete each of the levels in our riding program.
Lessons are divided into two parts:
  • 40 minutes of Theory (learning the basics of horse care and proper horse management principles). 
  • 50 minutes of Horseback Instruction (the application of principles learned in theory).

Lessons are filled by open enrollment. You may request a class time, but the number of students registered and the experience level of those students determine the schedule. Midweek lessons may also be available. Date and time are provided based upon interest. 

Jr Lessons for Ages 3-8 – Lessons are 45 minutes long (15 minutes of Theory and 30 minutes of Horseback Instruction). Each horse is led by a Wrangler and parents are invited to walk alongside the horse. 



Ascend Horsemanship offers guided trail rides through our rugged and beautiful trails for individuals and groups throughout the year.
Due to physical limits of horses, we have height and weight limit restrictions. We may ask you the height and weight of all the riders in your group before you book, so we can have the best fit horses ready for you.
  • 5’2″ and under limit: 225 lbs
  • 5’2″ to 6’2″ limit: 250 lbs
  • 6’2″ and over limit: 275 lbs
Proper attire includes close-toed shoes and long pants.  Ascend Horsemanship provides protective headgear.
Private & Group Trail Rides are offered Monday-Saturday.


For our younger or perhaps less confident riders, Corral Rides provide an alternate horseback riding experience. Utilizing a short closed-loop trail, riders enjoy riding a horse without the rigors and skill required to ride out on the open trail.
The closed-loop trail allows the rider to gain confidence in riding by himself. Riders under 7 years can ride a horse led by an experienced horsemanship professional. 
Corral Rides are also a great option for larger groups, allowing more people to ride in a shorter timeframe. 

 See You in the Saddle Real Soon! 

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